"I had such a wonderful experience having Alicia Dara as my Creativity Coach. Her guidance helped to inspire me at a time when my world was quite upside down and I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to head. She showed me how to focus my energy on specific goals that were both tangible and realistic and also the most effective for my chosen course. She helps you to identify the obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your highest creative potential in a manner that is both motivating and reassuring. She guides without judgement and is able to determine which manner of learning is best suited for each person. She was able to provide me with practical exercises and homework that allowed me to tap into a deeper creative conscience. I would highly recommend her coaching for anyone who is looking to either expand on their current craft or those who are seeking to find out what their true inner passions really are. I can't say enough good things about her!"- Aubrey Zoli, The Local Strangers


"Alicia provided Creativity Coaching services for a project I was working on at the end of last year. I tend to be much more organized in my full-time work than my creative avocations and Alicia helped me stay focused on what was important and chunk the process down to doable steps. I came away from each session with several concrete ideas to move my project forward. Alicia helped me stay accountable, but she also helped me expand my range of possibilities. She helped me set goals and move my project along in a way that would not have been possible without her help. I would recommend Alicia Dara's Creative Coaching Services to any artist who is interested in moving a project beyond where they might have imagined it!" -Tom Melancon, Singer-Songwriter


"Alicia’s creativity coaching has helped me to be more resourceful as I was looking for new information and ways of developing myself as a musician. I wanted to make progress with existing ideas that hadn’t bloomed, or which had hard limits that I needed to work within. Alicia used her own life experience and wisdom, coupled with solid creativity methods which made her sessions focused, interactive, and contextual to my needs. Within a few sessions, we defined a path for me to follow with goals and timelines, and applied creative thinking and solutions to get there. She has been an invaluable mentor when I needed a second set of eyes and ears as I learn how to approach and complete my musical goals. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for creativity coaching when you need a new way to think of something that isn’t working, or to venture into the unknown and emerge with success."-Dan Nash, blogger and photographer


Alicia’s most popular online class is “Discover Your Own Radical Creativity”. It’s a 30 day writing intensive. Our creative powers can transform the way we live in the world. This course is designed for beginning, intermediate, and professional creative people wha are seeking a refresh, as well as the creatively curious who want to explore a new paradigm. When we think of our creativity, we most often think of the things we make. But our instinct to create is much more powerful than that! The physical products of our creativity represent a fraction of what our creative potential can do. We could even say that living creatively is a spiritual practice, in that we can use our creative instincts, and the skills related to them, in every aspect of our lives. This course can help you dig deep, create your highest work, and live a creative life.


  1. understanding the roots of your creativity and how to strengthen them to support your highest work

  2. calming and centering your mind to clear away distractions

  3. finding renewable sources of inspiration to keep your ideas flowing

  4. bypassing perfectionism and digging deep into your creative well using simple curiosity

  5. identifying companion skills that can assist your creative ones and help you with your projects

  6. understanding how to make the most of your time so you can create, and learning how to re-frame your schedule to accommodate creative moments

  7. maximizing productivity during the time you set aside for creating so you can get the most out of each session

  8. using improvisation to explore fresh ideas and creative choices

  9. transforming your life through your creative skills and abilities, making meaningful choices for yourself and your community

“Discover Your Radical Creativity” is available at DailyOm HERE.


Alicia is available to work with corporate teams and business professionals on issues including competitive creative innovation, breaking through creative blocks, and maintaining an office culture where creativity can thrive. The consulting process takes place on site, or at a location supplied by the client, or by phone or Skype. In addition to the scheduled consulting appointment, Alicia provides follow-up coaching and support. Contact Alicia for packages and rates.


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Alicia is a graduate of Coach U's Core Essentials Fast Track Program, and the Creativity Coaching Association's Advanced Coaching Program.

The goal of coaching is action, so pick a project or issue that you want to take action on. During a session Alicia uses questions, exercises, and specific feedback to help the client get clarity on the task before them, identify and overcome any obstacles, and outline action steps that will move the situation forward toward the client's goals. The coach holds the client accountable for these steps, but in a friendly, supportive, and nonjudgemental way. Some clients are complete beginners who want to explore their creativity through writing, singing/songwriting, acting, painting, dancing, sculpting, and other kinds of art, and are seeking support and guidance as they discover their unique artistic vision. Some are professional creative people, such as novelists, songwriters, painters, and designers who are about to start work a new project, or looking to find a way through a current one. Some are professionals in non-creative fields who want to bring fresh creative ideas and inspiration to their workplace projects. Occasionally clients work on "creative blocks" that are interfering with their best work. In any case, the coach and client work together on meaning and motivation. Above all, the coach is on your side! 3 or 4 half-hour sessions in person, by Skype, FaceTime, or phone per month are the typical coaching schedule, but the coaching relationship can extend over months or even years. NOTE: The value of coaching extends far beyond the client's creativity, as the client begins to recognize self-limiting patterns of thought and behavior, and move beyond them to thrive in every aspect of their life

Contact Alicia for information about coaching packages for individuals and companies.